Jason’s Glassblowing Classes!

Just a super quick note to say that we just noticed that it isn’t immediately clear that Jason’s Date Night Glassblowing classes cost $345 and that the price is for 2 participants!

We just checked the Glassblowing Class tab on Jason’s website and it leads (as it should) to a booking calendar however doesn’t show until 2 clicks later that the price is $345 (which incidentally is a great value price, you will understand it when you arrive at the studio!) and then the booking form makes it appear like the price is for only 1 participant. While in fact $345 covers 2 participant for a glassblowing class with the one and only, amazing glassblowing instructor: Jason Stropko!

Below are pictures of Jason’s glassblowing classes, some students in the studio and some student work as well as some of Jason’s wonderful work!


Christmas Ornaments by the hands of an Artist


Jason Stropko Glass

DSC_1926 copy
Jason Stropko: The start of another glass piece

Large Stemware Vessels by Jason

Keep in touch during 2016 and be the first to see the development of another new project by Jason Stropko. These vessels are already available to order, dimensions variable and subject to client choice!

The lowest of these vessels in this image is approximately 20cm high, and makes a stunning display for precious objects, truffles, fruit and bakeware.. As always your imagination is the limit!


sizes can be completely modified to suit your display area. Prices: vary depending on size, number of pieces and technical difficulty! The pieces that you see here range from $400 – $750 each, depending on colour work, size and your timeframe. Individual pieces in a rush order can be delivered as soon as 72 hours from the time of order.  Please use the contact form tab above for enquiries.

It is time to begin thinking about Christmas / Season ornaments…

We agree, it feels like it is just a little bit too soon to say those words, but knowing how time can fly and how making glass to meet orders can take a little time we decided to join the and shops that already play Christmas Music, except we aren’t playing the music (just yet), we will wait until December before we do that!

Jason blowing a huge clear glass bubble...
Jason blowing a huge clear glass bubble…

Just playing around making a large clear glass bauble, thinking about larger than life christmas ornaments made in glass! These will only be made by special order and cost from around $95 for a clear/transparent colour and around $125 for an optic mould blown one.. Orders should ideally be received during the month of November. It will be possible to make some in December, too. But the sooner you dream up your christmas ornaments colour choices and designs the sooner they can be in production!

more possible Christmas ornament designs..
an idea for possible Christmas ornament designs..

But here an early offering of: place your order early and be guaranteed a timely delivery (in good time to send gifts as ornaments to friends around the world even!)

Jason’s colour samples for a blown & sculpted glass project…

To get ready to make additional seeds for the ongoing nut and seed project it is necessary to try out different glass colour batches, blow them out and see how different colours react with each other. It takes trial and error and educated judgments to find those glass colours that work best to make life like blown glass seeds and glass nuts.

Glass colour samples in Jason's studio, getting ready for a range of seeds and nuts to be made soon.
Glass colour samples in Jason’s studio, getting ready for a range of seeds and nuts to be made soon.

introducing glass making colleague: Evan Kolker

Glassmaker and Artist Evan Kolker at work in Glow Glass Studio in Oakland, working on a pitcher plant, September 2015. This is very technical work requiring years of glass working experience. Evan is regularly assisted by Jason Stropko and sometimes assists with Jason’s projects, too. There are some things that are very difficult if not impossible to create without having a competent assistant who also has a thorough understanding of how glass works.

Evan Kolker at work, making a pitcher plant, September 2015 @ Glow Glass Studio in Oakland
Evan Kolker at work, making a pitcher plant, September 2015 @ Glow Glass Studio in Oakland

DSC_3171 copy

Glassmaker Evan Kolker at work @ Glow Glass Studio, assisted by J.Stropko (September 2015)
Glassmaker Evan Kolker at work @ Glow Glass Studio, assisted by J.Stropko
(September 2015)

Evan Kolker at work, making a pitcher plant, September 2015 @ Glow Glass Studio in Oakland

Sunday special: Introducing a new elegant glass bowl


This handblown glass bowl takes a total of 26 hours to create. There are 2 separate hot glass blowing processes used, each requiring a 12 hour annealing (precise temperature controlled cooling) and a cold worked engraving process, which takes another craftsman up to an hour for each bowl.

The making of these bowls requires a high level of competent glassmaking craftsmanship, something that Jason has dedicated himself to full time for the past 12 years..

When the furnace is down and all plans change…

… this is where if you were new to glassmaking you would learn about the fact that once in a while each ceramic melting pot, sitting inside the furnace, will develop a crack, due to erosion and unforeseeable factors.. Once the crack deepens it either causes molten glass to leak or an effect takes place that is best described as ‘cords’ developing in the glass, which float on top of the molten glass and can appear in the blown glass pieces as raised cord like areas.. This is rendering the molten glass a lower quality and hence creating an unworkable situation.

This is when it is time to face the challenge and begin a 10 day process of cooling the furnace and molten glass slowly (several days), changing the ceramic crucible (ceramic pot that holds the molten glass) and bringing the furnace and a new batch of glass back up to temperature. The entire process takes somewhere around 10 days.

Of course this can throw a real spanner in the works when multiple glassmakers all booked time to create glassworks, when students lined the doors to take classes… We got lucky and Jason is able to continue teaching his glassblowing classes at Glass Hand Studio, a Glass studio on the lovely island (which originally was a peninsula) Alameda, just down the road from Oakland. Jason had met the owner Prax recently at a Jeff Mack, goblet making workshop that Jason assisted at. We are really happy that Prax can host Jason’s classes!

Jason just received a whole batch of bookings for glassblowing classes through #Verlocal and we are pretty excited about meeting these new students who will be coming for individual short sessions. The first few classes will be at Glass Hand Studio in Alameda before we relocate back to Glow Glass, where Jason usually works with fellow glassmakers, creates his own glass and teaches…


flashback: A day in the studio in August

spending the day developing project ideas and making more of the blown glass table set items.. drinking glasses, bowls and functional vessels will be ready soon!

The process benefits tremendously from teamwork. Good communication, a sense of humour a steady hand and years of skill are all requires from both the gaffer (Jason) and his assistant; today Evan Kolker who is an incredible glassmaker, on other days Jason assist him in the making of his intricate and highly technical skill requiring glass art objects! It is a real stroke of luck that Jason found this glassmakers community. Where many colleagues also have very high skills levels. There is also Alex Abajian, the studio owner and another outstanding glassmaker. A series of glassmakers rent the studio and there are a lot of fantastic projects happening here. You wouldn’t know what you are missing until you see what these people make out of molten glass..

these are the tools of the day…

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