Jason’s Glassblowing Classes!

Just a super quick note to say that we just noticed that it isn’t immediately clear that Jason’s Date Night Glassblowing classes cost $345 and that the price is for 2 participants!

We just checked the Glassblowing Class tab on Jason’s website and it leads (as it should) to a booking calendar however doesn’t show until 2 clicks later that the price is $345 (which incidentally is a great value price, you will understand it when you arrive at the studio!) and then the booking form makes it appear like the price is for only 1 participant. While in fact $345 covers 2 participant for a glassblowing class with the one and only, amazing glassblowing instructor: Jason Stropko!

Below are pictures of Jason’s glassblowing classes, some students in the studio and some student work as well as some of Jason’s wonderful work!


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