David V. – Jan 22, 2020

This review is long overdue. I took a class from Jason a couple months ago and it was really perfect. The small class size meant everyone got a combination of actual working time (with help), time helping/learning and time watching others to get the feel for the process. It was also a great length,…enough time to actually get things made without taking up the entire day. I left with a beautiful bowl that made a wonderful gift and would happily do this glass again or recommend to others

Derya R. – Dec 1, 2019

My wife and I had an absolutely amazing experience learning glass blowing with Jason! We did a semi-private session during which he led us hands-on in making two stemless wine glasses and two whiskey glasses. Jason was very good at explaining the process, showing us the technique, and then expertly guiding us as we blew and shaped each glass. We use those glasses often and each time we do, we’re reminded of our class with Jason. Jason is a true professional, super friendly, and a great teacher. We highly recommend taking a class with him!

Ivy G. – Oct 23, 2019

Really enjoyed the class! Jason did a great job explaining the entire process and then guiding us through making our own pieces. 

Aly P. – Oct 20, 2019

Jason was great, would recommend this for anyone wanting to try glass blowing, where you get to make something you choose – and can be proud of. Jason clearly has a lot of expertise here, and supported us to make what we wanted to: he was very patient and calm, and provided guidance as a strong safety net while letting us be the ones doing the core blowing and shaping. And we love the vase and bowl that we made! Thanks so much Jason, we really enjoyed this experience and the beautiful pieces that came out of it 🙂

Adam F. – Oct 2, 2019

My girlfriend and I booked a class with Jason not really knowing what to expect. When we arrived we found he was easy to talk to and very personable. Typically people with his immense skill and talent forget what it’s like to be new to something- not the case here. Jason was sooooo patient and very clear in his explanation of what we could expect from our time with him- he took the time in the beginning to find out what our expectations were and he went beyond anything we imagined. I had no idea we would leave with so many beautiful handmade items. He was able to take something very out of our comfort zone with many steps and turn it into small manageable tasks. The girlfriend and I both found our experience to be very much worth the time and money. Jason made it fun and fascinating! I’m looking forward to going back again myself and buying this experience as a gift for loved ones! 

Tommy K. – Sep 26, 2019

Jason was so fun to work with! My partner and I created some amazing work thanks to Jason’s education and guidance. We had such a great time and would recommend this anyone interested in a hands on activity like this. 

Karen P. – Sep 19, 2019

We had an amazing experience! Jason is a calm, patient, kind teacher. He guided each of us through the process and answered all our questions. We created beautiful glass bowls and vases that we love to display in our home. It was an experience as a family that we all remember fondly. 

Laura R. – Sep 17, 2019

Our first glass blowing experience and it was great. It was a small group, so we each had time to make our own piece to take home. He was a very patient teacher. It was a fun class. I would do it again!

Michelle N. – Aug 27, 2019

My friend loves taking arts/crafts/trade classes to learn new things, so we always like to get her an experience for her birthday. This one was a unanimous favorite by far! The glassblowing process was so fun to learn, and Jason was endlessly knowledgeable, patient and accommodating! He made sure that we all came away with a piece we would love without taking over the process too much and just guiding us through the process. He also went out of his way to drop off the glass when it was ready! We’re in love with our pieces and would 100% recommend taking this class! 🙂 

Joel V. – Dec 15, 2018

We had a fantastic time blowing glass with Jason! We learned a lot in the process and he was very hands-on with instruction. Very much looking forward to seeing our final work.

Katy H. – Oct 23, 2018

I loved this class! Jason was amazing and taught us so much already within the short class time. We got to make exactly the pieces we wanted. I would definitely go back.

Mac P. – Jul 27, 2018

Jason was excellent. I only have good things to say about the experience. Thanks so much, Jason! 

Hao Y. – Apr 13, 2018

Jason is a very good guy. All of us have an amazing experience in his glass maker class. I recommend you to take his class if you are interested in glass making. You will definitely have fun.You gonna love it. 

Jon S. – Sep 17, 2017

Jason and his class was fantastic! My girlfriend and I went as a date night and had a blast. Jason was a great teacher and made the entire experience easy and fun. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in trying glass blowing for the first time

Cameron A. – Jul 25, 2017

Jason is an absolute pleasure to learn from – he’s knowledgeable, friendly, passionate, and engaging. The other reviews put it perfectly – he is a master at stepping in when needed and saving your glass from a novice mistake, all the while giving you real hands on experience from start to finish. Our stemless wine glasses even turned out to be the same dimensions as planned with beautiful complementary colors! I couldn’t recommend this class more – we will be back for more one-on-one sessions to improve our skills without a doubt. Thanks Jason!

Andrew N. – Jul 11, 2017

This was an amazing experience for both myself and my wife. Jason was incredibly knowledgeable of his craft and I’m happy he was able to share that with us. Needless to say we learned a lot about something we knew next to nothing about. Jason made his art look quite easy… it was not so easy in practice, but he was there to guide and advise us in turning a blob of molten glass into a beautiful piece for our home. We will definitely be signing up for more one-on-one sessions to improve.

Chris N. – Jul 10, 2017

Jason is fantastic – such a patient and knowledgeable teacher. He is skilled at guiding students to reach a beautiful final product, stepping in when helpful but giving reigns to students as well. I’d give this class 10/10! It’s a lot warmer in the studio than we expected so drink lots of water! What a unique class!! Awesome!!

Tyler H. – Dec 22, 2016

An amazing experience; with an amazing instructor – 5 STARS This was a gift for my wife and she loved it! Jason is a patient and thorough instructor, a skilled artisan who let us create our own glass piece. Yes, what we created was truly ours – glass blowing is a skill learned over many years and when our piece sagged or cooled or twisted, Jason stepped in to use his skills to reset the project back to where we needed it either by instruction or in my case intervention – either way his touch gave us the ability to succeed, while not limiting our creativity by the lack of skill we possessed. Jason’s lesson included historical information as well as the tools and equipment we would be using. The pace of the class and what we created in this hands-on process was continuously adjusted, allowing us to change our glass creation as we so desired. We wanted to mention that the shop was immaculate and spotless – 5 stars for the shop – tools were well organized, clean, and well maintained; the shop floor was free of material and debris; the ovens and benches were spaced for a safe and welcoming experience. Our experience was fun, educational, and hands-on – we pick our pieces up tonight – the hardest part of the class – choosing the colors, well done Jason!

Caitlin C. – Dec 14, 2016

Jason’s workshop was incredible. My roommate and I went, just to try out glass blowing, and both Jason and his wife are awesome people! He guided us through every step of the process, was open to new ideas, and was very supportive and funny. The whole experience was truly wonderful and we will absolutely be going back at some point!

Grace D. – Dec 11, 2016

I went to Jason’s class with my daughter – this was a gift she’d been asking for! The experience was rich and unique, and all participants were hands on during the class. Jason is a great instructor- thorough, prepared, methodical, light-hearted, personable and ready to help you achieve your glass blowing vision. During our class there was time for each participant to make a different item – bowl, glass, flower vase, so we were able to see different techniques. We recommend!

Thena M. – Nov 21, 2016

Jason is not only knowledgeable but he is funny, patient, and pretty darned laid-back. You get up to two items during your session, and when you leave, you feel that you created something amazing. Now, you won’t do 100% – there isn’t enough time to teach every detail and for safety’s sake, there are some steps you shouldn’t do as a beginner. That said, the art you create truly is yours and you made it. This is a class that I want to repeat, over and over.

Chelsea R. – Nov 16, 2016

My fiance has been begging me to do a glassblowing class with him. We booked this class with Jason, and his expectations were met and exceeded. Jason helped us create functional art that we can use and keep forever. He made sure that we were involved in the process and learning, even though we were working with an extremely hot medium. 

Jennifer W. – Oct 26, 2016

My husband and I loved our workshop with Jason. It was our first time working with glass, but Jason had great examples to use as inspiration and the tools and set-up seemed great. We each made two objects (three classes and a vase). The color options were really lovely and we had artistic control over several aspects of the design–just right for beginners like us! I was also rather nervous about the process (molten glass and all…), but Jason was really great at setting us up to be safe and giving great coaching. We were lucky enough that we were the only people who signed up for our particular day/time, but if we were going to do it again, I would sign up for the “date night” option. With more people, I understand there is less hands-on time.

Mín L. – Oct 23, 2016

My boyfriend and I took Jason’s glass blowing class last weekend. This class totally blew us away! We had a lot of hands on time, meanwhile, Jason paid a lot of attention to us and made sure the pieces turned out exactly the way we wanted. Bottom line: Highly recommended! I guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience!

Erin L. – Oct 14, 2016

Jason was wonderful. Just hands on enough to make sure you walk away with beautiful pieces, but hands off enough for you to get a feel for the process. Highly recommend.

Terri S. – Oct 8, 2016

Best class we have ever taken. Lots of hands on, great teaching and history and Jason is super passionate and talented in his art. We will be back for more

Melissa S. – Sep 15, 2016

Jason was amazing!! We are so happy we got the opportunity to do this. Jason was informative, friendly, patient, and a lot of fun. We had never done this before and we felt comfortable asking questions and going slowly making our own glass designs with his expertise. We will definitely be back to do this with him again. Highly recommended! 

Nancy F. – Aug 11, 2016

I loved this class! Jason is a wonderful teacher – guides you and helps when needed and is calm and supportive throughout. You have time to get the feel of it and actually create something beautiful and useful! You leave really feeling like you accomplished something. I wholeheartedly recommend doing this!

Kathryn S. – Aug 9, 2016

What a fun evening! Jason is an extremely welcoming host, patient instructor and skilled artisan. He taught us all about glassblowing and helped us bring our ideas to life. We left with beautiful pieces that we’ll treasure for years – no one will believe we had a hand in their creation. It’s a hands on, creative, safe experience and I’d recommend it to anyone! 

Zoë M. – Aug 7, 2016

Jason did a great job of explaining the process of blowing glass. He started by making his own and having us watch as he explained the steps involved, which I think is really helpful for beginners! Then we each got to make our own glasses with a lot of help from Jason. He is really thorough and makes sure to answers any questions you may have. 

Penny L. – Jul 22, 2016

If I could leave 6 stars I would. This experienced blew us away and completely exceeded my expectations. Jason provided the perfect balance of instruction and hands-on experience. He was extremely attentive, patient, and supportive of our creations. I don’t think there is any other class like this in the Bay Area–especially with the expertise and professionalism of Jason. I highly recommend Jason for any glass blowing class he offers, at whatever level of skill or interest you have. It is well worth the money. We now have a two glass wine decanter and lovely bowl to remember this experience!

Maria D. – Jun 20, 2016

My husband and I had SUCH a great time at this class! Neither of us had blown glass before and didn’t really know anything about the process. We had 4 total people in the class (2 in addition to us) so we each got almost 45 minutes to an hour when working on our item of choice. Jason was such a great teacher, so patient, and gave us plenty of hands on time so you really got to try all the various techniques, but was also ready to swoop in and help to make sure you’d ultimately still be happy with your final product. Highly recommend this class, we have been talking about it to all our friends and coworkers for over a week since we took the class!

Anna S. – Jun 17, 2016

Jason’s glass was the best Verlocal experience I’ve had thus far (and my boyfriend and I have taken MANY Verlocal classes). He allowed both of us to get lots of hands-on experiences as each of us made our own glass pieces, patiently answered all of my questions about the glass blowing process and even met me the next week in SF to give me our completed glass pieces once they had cooled! We are looking forward to taking more classes from Jason and strongly recommend you take his class(es), too!

Ellen C. – Oct 23, 2015

Hands down one of the best classes that I have ever taken.. Jason is an excellent teacher … very clear, concise and very, very patient!I learned so much about the process which gave me a greater appreciation of the art of glass blowing. I did not realize that there was not only a process but also a ‘dance’ to making objects. This class exceeded all of my expectations and went by too quickly. I really hope I have another chance to take a class from Jason. I highly recommend this class to everyone. 

Lindsey D. – Oct 6, 2015

Jason is an incredible teacher!! I had such a blast at class; by far, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The time flew by – plus I gained a greater understanding and appreciation of this craft. I didn’t realize how detailed the process is and learned so much. I HIGHLY recommend this to class. : ) 

Alejandro B. – Oct 1, 2015

This was my first time at a class for glass making and I must say it was amazing. Jason has the confidence, patience and expertise to show you the basics and then progressing with more elaborate designs if you are up for the challenge. As a beginners class we got to do so much and is really hands on. He will show you how to really get in and shine while creating your design. Very happy with this class, thankful and definitively will be visiting the studio more often to sharpen up my craft. 

Sarah W. – Sep 26, 2015

Had a great time with Jason! He was a very good instructor. He tailored our class to exactly what we wanted to do and learn. I would definitely continue and take future classes with Jason.

Kacey W. – Sep 4, 2015

Jason’s Studio is really cool, I felt like I was getting a sneak peak at all his upcoming works! I’ll definitely be back =]

Al G. – Sep 4, 2015

Jason’s work is absolutely breathtaking, I only aspire to be as good as he is one day. The class was super informative, and I look forward to seeing more of what Jason has to show!

Sara A. – Sep 18, 2019

AWESOME experience! Jason was very knowledgeable and we had a great time. He gave us a ton of freedom to make whatever we wanted and had a great balance of helping us out/letting us experience the process ourselves. Two years later we’re still in love with our two glasses, vase, and large bowl!

Graham G. – Feb 27, 2019

Jason was extremely friendly and a great instructor! He also went above and beyond and stayed past our scheduled time after I accidentally drove to the wrong location and was late. My fiancee and I took this glassblowing intro class on a whim and we were extremely pleased. I definitely recommend taking this class.

Enzo N. – Jun 30, 2018

Had an amazing afternoon learning from Jason today. It’s immediately obvious that he’s passionate about his art and has very deep knowledge about it. Not to mention he’s also very friendly and attentive, making for a really fun and enjoyable time of learning. My girlfriend and I had the opportunity to make 4 pieces including a wine decanter, a fruit bowl, a flower vase, and a beer glass! Can’t wait to get them back and start using them. 

Tami B. – May 23, 2018

We had a great time at the private date night glass blowing! Everything was great. Jason was really nice and made the experience easy. We had tons of time to get our hands on the work, and it’s awesome having our glass creations at home. Very fun! I definitely recommend it!

Nick C. – Feb 26, 2018

Jason is just the coolest guy. We had so much fun glass blowing and talking about what we wanted to create. The glass blowing process itself is fascinating and it’s a treat to learn from someone who is passionate about the craft like Jason. With Jason’s help, our visions became reality, and we now have four amazing and unique pieces of glass ware that we can keep forever! Thank you Jason!

Nick N. – Feb 20, 2018

This was an awesome class! Amazing value for the learning experience. It was my girlfriend and my first experience doing anything with glass, but Jason made the whole thing go super smoothly. Glass blowing itself is a mesmerizing experience and a very fun medium to play with. Jason is an incredible instructor! Everything was timed perfectly so that the steps were explained thoroughly, but without any pressure or feeling of being rushed, even during time-sensitive parts of the process. We each walked away with two very beautiful and functional pieces! Couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Highly recommend to anyone that’s been itching to try this.

Sadhika B. – Feb 5, 2018

Jason was an amazing teacher! He was a treasure trove of knowledge, and has a great vocabulary for instruction. He made glassblowing approachable and fun, without diluting our learning. We had a great time and would recommend Jason any day! 

Roger A. – Jan 23, 2018

Wow, what a great class! We had a absolutely wonderful time. Jason is a very good instructor – pedagogical, knowledgeable, flexible, and super friendly. We ended up making two beer glasses, a bowl, and even an hourglass. We recommend this class to anyone that want to experience glass blowing. Thanks, Jason!

Jen P. – Sep 10, 2017

This class was amazing! I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family. We made incredibly beautiful cups. Jason is an excellent teacher and provided a wealth of knowledge. We left feeling confident and creative. 

Leslie R. – Jul 10, 2017

This class is AMAZING!!!! I bought this as a surprise present for my boyfriend and he has not stopped raving about it to everyone! Jason is such a great instructor and we had an absolute blast. You get to learn so much about the glass blowing process and you go home with really amazing handmade pieces. It is the perfect hands on/hands off experience so that you feel like you are making everything yourself but Jason also helps to make sure the pieces are professional and helps you with the difficult parts that you may not feel comfortable with just yet! This class is informative and so fun that you will be so shocked that 3 hours could go by so fast! We will definitely be taking more classes with Jason 🙂

Sylvie W. – May 17, 2017

We had the best time with Jason! He was very knowledgeable and patient. We came away with beautiful pieces we use everyday!

John A. – Oct 26, 2016

Jason hosted my 13-year-old daughter and me for a full-day class. It was….. wonderful!!! Jason is a wonderful teacher; he’s patient, clear with instructions, incredibly encouraging, and very imaginative. He was especially good with my daughter. She really felt good about how he taught and interacted with her. We’re going to take more of his classes, it was totally worth the price of admission!!

Tiffany P. – Oct 4, 2016

We had a fantastic time! Jason was super patient with us and carefully guided us through the steps of creating 4 beautiful pieces. At first when I looked in verlocal, I thought it was expensive, I realized that it is well worth the price, given the amount of work we were able to create. I highly recommend the experience and we are definitely thinking of doing this again!

Sarah M. – Sep 27, 2016

My friend and I had a wonderful time! Jason is an excellent teacher who explains processes and patiently guides people through making their own gorgeous pieces! Thank you Jason! We highly recommend this experience!

Chad S. – Sep 11, 2016

Amazing experience learning how to blow glass with Jason. He is a great teacher. Glass blowing is very nuanced and Jason was patient with us the entire time. We had plenty of time to make two pieces each and he made sure we were able to fully execute our visions and they turned out great. Would definitely go back for another round! 

Christopher T. – Sep 5, 2016

This class was worth every penny! Glass blowing was something my girlfriend always wanted to try so I took her on a surprise date to Jason’s class. It went SO well. Jason is friendly, informative and most importantly patient. Jason quickly showed us an example of what we would be doing by quickly creating a glass cup! My girlfriend and I then took turns making 2 small items each! We made a wine glass and a “cappuccino mug” each. Jason gave us the ability to choose our own shapes and colors! He then even gave us a little gift of two ornaments because we had some extra time left over. We picked up our work a week later from him and couldn’t be happier! They look great!

Sen-Sei S. – Aug 18, 2016

After conducting some research and reading other reviews, I decided to try out the “Beginner Glass Blowing for 2” with Jason. What an awesome experience! First off, Jason is a PRO when it comes to the art of blowing glass. His skill and passion is transparent (no pun intended). Second, it takes a certain personality type with abundant patience to be a good teacher. My wife and I learned a lot to say the least. Finally, the finished product(s) we created actually didn’t suck; Jason assisted me with a wide bottom wine decanter, and my better half crafted some heavy bottom glasses. When I confirmed my appointment, I gave Jason a heads up what our favorite colors are and when we showed up, he was prepared. The end result was exactly what wanted. Now I’m not one to write reviews since everyone can have a different experience and/or opinion. All I can say that for the two of us, we were “blown” away.. (pun intended). Thanks Jason! 

Tianyu L. – Aug 13, 2016

I sooo recommend this over the group class at Public Glass! We had a lot more hands-on time to get a feel for working the glass, and Jason was flexible with his role depending on your experience/comfort level. I loved that he could verbally explain how to improve/correct our technique throughout the process, without taking over himself whenever something went wrong. Jason was also very committed to making sure we achieved our creative vision. After describing the shapes/colors we wanted, he quickly made some sample orbs with our colors melted in so we could see how they looked and how they’d react with each other. While we were occupied with something more passive, he also taught us a little about the history of glassblowing. Amazing way to spend 3 hours, do it!

Erica R. – Jan 2, 2019

what a fun christmas present for my husband! Jason was super helpful and insightful. We got to learn all about blown glass and make a number of amazing pieces, a decanter, 2 small dog bowls, and 2 ornaments! I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun date night or getting to spend time with your loved one! So much to learn and Jason was superb!

Raquel C. – Nov 19, 2015

What an amazing experience! Jason is a phenomenal teacher – he was such a joy to learn with. My boyfriend and I had never blown glass before, and we really enjoyed it. It was such an interesting process – I love that we got to have creative freedom, and Jason really helped us bring our ideas to life. We made a pretty sweet bowl and vase. This is the perfect date night or gift!

Celestial M. – Dec 15, 2015

So much fun! Jason was friendly, patient, and a great instructor. The private session was perfect for hands-on learning: no standing around waiting for a turn. We made a couple of Christmas ornaments and a drinking glass . They came out great! Perfect for a unique date-night, or anyone curious about blowing glass.

Christina P. – Jun 21, 2016

Jason was absolutely awesome! My boyfriend and I were pretty excited to take his class since neither of us had ever blown glass. Jason was an excellent teacher -he did a great job of walking us through the process before we started and he let us be really hands on in making our pieces, while still giving us plenty of guidance. I’d love to take another class with him!

Latha D. – Aug 1, 2016

Jason was a great teacher. Me and my husband had a lot of fun during the class. We made two bowls and two glasses. One was a huge ornamental piece an Jason taught us the techniques patiently. He was nice enough to stay back extra 30 minutes to help us complete the glass we were trying to make. I took couple of glass blowing classes and Jason is the best! I highly recommend his class. He is very responsive and goes out an extra mile to help you! Thanks a lot Jason for good memories! 

Tammy G. – Aug 2, 2016

We had a great time with Jason! His instructions were clear and easy to follow. He was patient & made the whole experience really fun. I would recommend this class to anyone. Loved our pieces. Between the two of us we made 2 lowball glasses, a terrarium and an ornament.

David V. – Jan 22, 2020

This review is long overdue. I took a class from Jason a couple months ago and it was really perfect. The small class size meant everyone got a combination of actual working time (with help), time helping/learning and time watching others to get the feel for the process. It was also a great length,…enough time to actually get things made without taking up the entire day. I left with a beautiful bowl that made a wonderful gift and would happily do this glass again or recommend to others