Contrary to the sparsity of blog-posts: Jason continues to work full time in glass (we have reviews to prove it)

Jason accepted employment in a key position with a successful West Coast glassmaking company and got really busy working a few regular shifts each week for them. Additionally there were so many glassblowing classes to teach and students to manage that somehow we fell off the wagon keeping you up to date with it all.

Birgit (who takes the photos and does a lot of the posting, but not all) hasn’t been able to spend time at the glassblowing studio to capture all the glassmaking sessions with Jason’s students, which is why there is so little to share at the moment.

What we do have are some amazing feedbacks from students of the past 3 months. Incredibly positive and very happy customers!

Here is just one of those feedbacks:

Beginner Glass Blowing for 2: Drinking …

After conducting some research and reading other reviews, I decided to try out the “Beginner Glass Blowing for 2” with Jason. What an awesome experience! First off, Jason is a PRO when it comes to the art of blowing glass. His skill and passion is transparent (no pun intended). Second, it takes a certain personality type with abundant patience to be a good teacher. My wife and I learned a lot to say the least. Finally, the finished product(s) we created actually didn’t suck; Jason assisted me with a wide bottom wine decanter, and my better half crafted some heavy bottom glasses. When I confirmed my appointment, I gave Jason a heads up what our favorite colors are and when we showed up, he was prepared. The end result was exactly what wanted. Now I’m not one to write reviews since everyone can have a different experience and/or opinion. All I can say that for the two of us, we were “blown” away.. (pun intended). Thanks Jason! “
Did this wet your appetite, too?
You can book classes STRAIGHT through Jason for a lower cost than using our booking agent. Or if you don’t know Jason go ahead and DO use our booking agent (that link above the feedback will take you there).
For all other’s: click on the ‘HOME’ button and you will see options: shop (pay Jason directly) or take classes: pay the booking agent who takes a total of 20% of the price you pay in fees.. 5% fees you pay and 15% we pay. Gig economy… Always go straight to the artist when you feel confident to do so!

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