Jason Stropko Artist Statement

“At the heart of my practice I continue to explore formal ideas rooted in the past and a desire to create a visually poetic environment. 

I am inspired by nature, especially small details and subtle characteristics in texture, hue and pattern. I especially love overcoming technical challenges that arise when developing textures in glass that for example resemble nature closely. I strive to create beautiful and carefully crafted glass art and am currently exploring the marriage of glass supported by non-glass materials.

In 2014 I began sharing my knowledge and skills in glassmaking with private students and later with corporate clients and discovered that I am a passionate instructor, this has opened future paths for me that I wasn’t expecting to look forward exploring. 

Handmade glass and the skill of it’s makers at at once modern and future facing, while also linking us to glass’s ancient history. As heirlooms glass will last a lifetime, bringing this history back into the future.”

• In addition to making his own work, Jason regularly takes on commissions and works with interior decorators and designers creating glass pieces to exact specifications: Vase shapes, custom lighting projects & signature scultpural glass signage for company office spaces.

• Jason Stropko hosts high quality corporate glass blowing experience events as well as private, uniquely tailored to each participant, classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“It is giving me great joy to offer glassblowing classes for a wide range of abilities, catering to complete beginners and intermediate participants with 0 – 8 years of experience in the studio.”

“I thrive on knowing that I earn my living with the creation of objects inspired by significant cultural expressions and nature itself and always with a material that itself is so close to nature. A material that has the ability to withstand the passing of time, if cared for: able to remain long after today’s life will fade from memories. I take these inspirations to the studio to create my own reflection on what I have seen.”

“I hope to share my love of nature by creating objects in glass. Ranging from: the life giving DNA helix pattern embedded within translucent glass, a finely crafted, twisted cane work; to the bold presence of nuts and seeds in coloured glass and sometimes clear; to vases that range from spectacular colour effects to those that imitate the texture of tree bark chestnuts.”

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