About Jason

Jason Stropko is a professional glass maker and has been working with glass since 2003. In his own words: “I strive to create glass with fine craftsmanship and technique to last a lifetime and beyond”

Jason’s business is supported by his partner Birgit Deubner, who takes on multiple roles including: Creating & maintaining Jason’s website and social media content for marketing purposes (images & text), co-designing new glass pieces, product and studio photography; and general behind the scenes management.

Jason working on developing shapes and lids for the bulbous, luxurious vessels home ware line ..
Jason working on developing shapes and lids for the bulbous, luxurious vessels home ware line ..

Artist Statement

As an artist, I enjoy the process of creating nature inspired objects in hot glass. This art form requires an well coordinated interplay of focus and technical skill, when the balance is right the act of making hot glass becomes meditative and graceful. I reflect upon what I see in the world around me and am inspired to create these ideas and moments into glass.


“I hope to share my love of nature by creating natural objects from glass, ranging from: the helix pattern embedded within translucent glass, a finely crafted, twisted cane work; to the bold presence of nuts and seeds in coloured glass and sometimes clear; to vases that range from spectacular colour effects to those that imitate the texture of tree bark chestnuts.”

“I think of life as a uniquely miraculous experience. I thrive on knowing that I earn my living with the creation of objects inspired by significant cultural expressions and nature itself and always with a material that itself is so close to nature. A material that has the ability to withstand the passing of time, if cared for: able to remain long after today’s life will fade from memories. 

I take these inspirations to the studio to create my own reflection on what I have seen.”

“It is giving me great joy to offer glassblowing classes for a wide range of abilities, catering to complete beginners and intermediate participants with 0 – 8 years of experience in the studio.”

Jason Stropko Glassmaker

To learn more about Jason Stropko’s professional glass practice, view his work, purchase a piece, commission a project or book glassblowing classes or a talk about glassmaking please visit any of the following:
website: http://www.jasonstropko.wordpress.com
• Glassblowing Classes Through VERLOCAL: https://www.verlocal.com/vl/glassblowing

glass shop: http://jasonstropko.bigcartel.com
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonstropko/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonstropkoglass
flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/66967225@N07/albums

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