Sharing a teaser of Jason Stropko’s incredible glass work

We are sitting in the office, editing photographs of Jason’s work and it’s just too exciting to not share this single teaser image of an upcoming bigger post with a range of incredible vessels made by Jason..

Shaping vessels like this and creating snug fitting lids requires high technical skills that take time, focus and deep passion for the medium to develop. One of our biggest wishes is to develop a whole exhibition full of lidded vessels like this one, in a range of voluptuous shapes, with elegant pointed lids.


New photographs will appear on this page as soon as Birgit get through the edits..

Sorry, this really was a teaser!



(Last but not least!!! Custom modification requests to a custom made vessel are ALWAYS welcome, shapes, colours, opacity, translucency, shape, voluptuousness, execution: your vision is our command! Make a drawing and share your ideas with us on Jason’s Facebook wall! What would you like to see!?!? If you would like to order a piece please use the contact tab on this website and we can take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!)


The treasure we found in Jason’s storage box at the Glass Studio!

As usual Jason leans to squirrelling away his glass and hiding it in storage boxes.. This particular vase is actually quiet new, it was recently made in about July or August 2016.

We have gone ahead and added it to Jason’s Etsy shop because it just is too stunning to wait for it’s forever home at the glassblowing studio any longer.

The vase is very thick and quite heavy but doesn’t lose it’s elegance at all. You know how sometimes thick glass isn’t very elegant? Well this vase is stunning and exquisite! What an incredible statement piece it will be in somebody’s home who also loves this rich lucious colour!

If you are getting the feeling that I am reluctant to part with this beauty then you would have guessed right! But we often move house and until we one day own our very own beautiful little villa we shouldn’t hold on to objects of desire that should really be enjoyed in the present moment.

Let’s not delay! May you feel inspired to acquire this treasure.

With many greetings from the office where I work for Jason,

Large Stemware Vessels by Jason

Keep in touch during 2016 and be the first to see the development of another new project by Jason Stropko. These vessels are already available to order, dimensions variable and subject to client choice!

The lowest of these vessels in this image is approximately 20cm high, and makes a stunning display for precious objects, truffles, fruit and bakeware.. As always your imagination is the limit!


sizes can be completely modified to suit your display area. Prices: vary depending on size, number of pieces and technical difficulty! The pieces that you see here range from $400 – $750 each, depending on colour work, size and your timeframe. Individual pieces in a rush order can be delivered as soon as 72 hours from the time of order.  Please use the contact form tab above for enquiries.

A Twisty Cane drinking glass is being born..

A twisty cane test piece. Keep an eye on this spot for a whole set of them making it's appearance some time this summer.. And if you do see them: jump on them before they are gone. Not many people make cane work. It is technical, time consuming, intricate and requires experience.
A twisty cane test piece.
Keep an eye on this spot for a whole set of them making it’s appearance some time this summer.. And if you do see them: jump on them before they are gone. Not many people make cane work. It is technical, time consuming, intricate and requires experience.

So many amazing new projects starting to come into shape for the Autumn and Winter Season…

Jason is working overtime and then some more, we are pulling out all the stops that we can to create an amazing line of projects which are covering :
* seasonal objects
** the continuation of the nuts and seeds in glass;
*** 1 each of basic and an exclusive home ware line;
**** and the beautiful objects of Art, the first of which we are introducing in this post.
Sometimes it takes this much dedication, a leap of faith, compromises, and the sacrifice of movie nights to make a dream career take off! We are not flying yet but we believe the chances are strong.. What do you think?
Introducing the first Lidded Jar that will contribute towards an Art Installation in late 2016 (more on that later).
Decorative and functional jar that can serve as a flower vase, as a jar for treats or let your imagination run free.
Jason is making a line of these bulbous, voluptuous, ornate yet contour line, luxurious vessels for our homeware collection. (& art project, too…)
The making of one of these jars requires an above intermediate level of glassmaking skills and sincere dedication to the process. This is not something that a glassmaker can learn in a short timespan but instead takes years of professional engagement with the medium to build the technical ability as well as confidence and understanding that working with hot glass requires to shape it into such a controlled and elegant form.
This line of jars is part of a larger project of Art Objects that will culminate in an Art installation in the future.
We look forward to sharing these projects with you. Please make sure to sign up to our mailing list, which you can do by texting Jason your email address and we will manually add you until our contact forms work across our online platforms. As a member of our mailing list you will be the first to know when Jason when new projects become available for purchase.