Dark rose pomegranate seeds

This batch of dark rose pomegranate seeds has a thick transparent layer of glass encasing the whitish seed. These as all of Jason’s seeds are modelled as close to natural as is possible within the confines of creating objects in glass within a certain time constraint. 

Jason Stropko is constantly fine tuning his interpretation of things he sees in nature, at times he developed techniques to represent the moss on age old tree bark, other times he turns his attention to the shell of roasting chestnuts as well as horse chestnuts, which were the beginning steps in his project of nuts and seeds.

A project stemming for Jason’s genuine love for nature and desire for living closer to it whenever possible; while int he meantime recreating aspects of nature in glass and sometimes in beautiful pen and ink or charcoal drawings, too..


dark rose pomegranate seeds, translucent, except for a light cream white core, just like inside natural pomegranate seeds. Or course you will rarely see them in this hue in nature but nothing is impossible.

There is a long road ahead, many seeds and nuts are as yet unexplored, while many tableware ideas are just waiting for the right opportunity and time to jump into existence.

Jason and Birgit are working as a team to bring to you as much variety in objects of desire made from glass as possible. Jason is working steadily to fill a whole fruit bowl with nuts and seeds and occasional stray fruit, sometimes these are hard to tell apart.

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