Sharing a teaser of Jason Stropko’s incredible glass work

We are sitting in the office, editing photographs of Jason’s work and it’s just too exciting to not share this single teaser image of an upcoming bigger post with a range of incredible vessels made by Jason..

Shaping vessels like this and creating snug fitting lids requires high technical skills that take time, focus and deep passion for the medium to develop. One of our biggest wishes is to develop a whole exhibition full of lidded vessels like this one, in a range of voluptuous shapes, with elegant pointed lids.


New photographs will appear on this page as soon as Birgit get through the edits..

Sorry, this really was a teaser!



(Last but not least!!! Custom modification requests to a custom made vessel are ALWAYS welcome, shapes, colours, opacity, translucency, shape, voluptuousness, execution: your vision is our command! Make a drawing and share your ideas with us on Jason’s Facebook wall! What would you like to see!?!? If you would like to order a piece please use the contact tab on this website and we can take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!)


About Copyright

As sadly we are finding ourselves the center of attention with regards to a wrongful copyright claim we are adding these files here for easy reference for anybody who requires access to them. These allegations are tantamount to defamation.

Right now we are again preparing counter notice letters as the party levying the allegations has had our pomegranates removed from both of Jason’s online shops. This is hugely time consuming and a drain on our sales or to be direct; a drain on our economic survival. We are enduring significant hardship as a direct result of these wrongful actions taken against us. And are not enjoying this experience.

We have nothing to conceal and would like it to be known that the repeated allegations are harming us financially as well as in health due to financial hardships and resultant stress endured.

We simply would like to get on with our creative lives rather than waste days in formulating counter notice letters.

When you click on the link below you will find a recent copy of a DMCA counter notice letter that we had to write to defend among several other facts: the fact that nature is not copyrightable.

We will add another link to the latest allegation counter-notice as soon as we are finished writing it, which will be in the next couple of days.

<a title=”2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy” href=”; target=”_blank”>2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy</a>

Dark rose pomegranate seeds

This batch of dark rose pomegranate seeds has a thick transparent layer of glass encasing the whitish seed. These as all of Jason’s seeds are modelled as close to natural as is possible within the confines of creating objects in glass within a certain time constraint. 

Jason Stropko is constantly fine tuning his interpretation of things he sees in nature, at times he developed techniques to represent the moss on age old tree bark, other times he turns his attention to the shell of roasting chestnuts as well as horse chestnuts, which were the beginning steps in his project of nuts and seeds.

A project stemming for Jason’s genuine love for nature and desire for living closer to it whenever possible; while int he meantime recreating aspects of nature in glass and sometimes in beautiful pen and ink or charcoal drawings, too..


dark rose pomegranate seeds, translucent, except for a light cream white core, just like inside natural pomegranate seeds. Or course you will rarely see them in this hue in nature but nothing is impossible.

There is a long road ahead, many seeds and nuts are as yet unexplored, while many tableware ideas are just waiting for the right opportunity and time to jump into existence.

Jason and Birgit are working as a team to bring to you as much variety in objects of desire made from glass as possible. Jason is working steadily to fill a whole fruit bowl with nuts and seeds and occasional stray fruit, sometimes these are hard to tell apart.

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Should there be any copyright questions then please consult this document, it will answer your concerns: our counter-notice to wrongful copyright allegation

{{We also learnt this today:”You should be aware that, under the DMCA, claimants who make misrepresentations concerning copyright infringement may be liable for damages incurred as a result of the removal or blocking of the wrongfully accused material, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.”}}


Jason Stropko in the studio making drinking glasses for a commission

Below a few very short videos to show part of the process. Photographs of the finished pieces are coming soon, too…

We received final details of an order for drinking glasses a couple of days ago and Jason got into the studio to make each glass specific to the colours, shape design choice and sizes requested.

optic mould :


blow mould (error in labelling that says optic mould, but it is a blow mould)

October Glassblowing Class London at Studio: Michael Ruh

We would like to send a big shoutout for Jason’s friend the London based glassmaker Michael Ruh & his team who are offering weekend Glassblowing classes starting this October.

Classes will be for a maximum of 4 students only, 8 hours per day and include a light home cooked  lunch. Please follow the link to Michael Ruh’s website for detailed information about the classes and teaching team.

creating an extra large blown glass acorn

THIS acorn is now SOLD. We welcome your custom orders.

Jason Stropko creating a special order, extra large, blown clear glass acorn.. The small ones are usually solid glass and weigh about what a good paperweight does. All size acorns are available well in time for the Thanksgiving Winter season, we strive to complete your orders at the first opportunity. If we have a lot of work in the studio we will try and fit acorns between other production items. We know your order is special to you and it is to us, too. If you have a deadline by which you need any custom made pieces then please give us a call or send us a message before placing your order. We always try our best but it is still best to check in.
Prices for all acorns vary depending on size. For current pricing please check our shop or use the contact tab on our website.

Jason Stropko creating a special order, extra large, blown clear glass acorn..
Jason Stropko creating a special order, extra large, blown clear glass acorn..
large blown glass acorn
large blown glass acorn
large blown glass acorn
large blown glass acorn made by J. Stropko

(Limited acorns are available for $– please check current prices on our website shop or send us a message. Our prices have changed as our business grew since 2015.

Also worth noting is that we do continue to have occasional seconds sales of pieces that are beautiful but have small irregularities – perhaps a small air bubble or a slightly unintended shape. As the years have gone on we have less seconds these days than we did 7 years ago but it’s worth asking us about seconds if you love what Jason Stropko creates but need a more wallet friendly option.

All our glass is, yes the seconds, too, is tactile, beautiful and daydream invoking but may contain a small defect, which can be that the size doesn’t match it’s brothers and sisters or that it’s cap sits a little differently or it may have caught an unintended dent. Still a beautiful heirloom piece with a character all of it’s own)

(sneak preview) This one is still at the end of the blowpipe

Jason working on developing shapes and lids for the bulbous, luxurious vessels home ware line ..
Jason working on developing shapes and lids for the bulbous, luxurious vessels home ware line .. This requires a great deal of technical skill and sensitivity to the pliability of the glass during it’s varying hot and cooling stages. One mistake and the project will crack.