About Copyright

As sadly we are finding ourselves the center of attention with regards to a wrongful copyright claim we are adding these files here for easy reference for anybody who requires access to them. These allegations are tantamount to defamation.

Right now we are again preparing counter notice letters as the party levying the allegations has had our pomegranates removed from both of Jason’s online shops. This is hugely time consuming and a drain on our sales or to be direct; a drain on our economic survival. We are enduring significant hardship as a direct result of these wrongful actions taken against us. And are not enjoying this experience.

We have nothing to conceal and would like it to be known that the repeated allegations are harming us financially as well as in health due to financial hardships and resultant stress endured.

We simply would like to get on with our creative lives rather than waste days in formulating counter notice letters.

When you click on the link below you will find a recent copy of a DMCA counter notice letter that we had to write to defend among several other facts: the fact that nature is not copyrightable.

We will add another link to the latest allegation counter-notice as soon as we are finished writing it, which will be in the next couple of days.

<a title=”2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy” href=”https://jasonstropko.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/2015_jason_dmca-counter_claim_final-copy.pdf&#8221; target=”_blank”>2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy</a>

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