Jason’s Etsy Shop is back up and running

After a long wait and not a moment too soon Jason’s Shop is back online and fully functioning. A couple of the postage prices need to be corrected as we have a few shipping estimates set to too low. 

If you would like to gift handblown heirloom glass for Christmas then we can no longer supply in time but you could print out a picture of the object of your choice and Jason will make it to commission to be delivered in january.


Who else do you know who receives the gift of a made to commission heirloom piece of Art and master craftsmanship?!

You can follow this link to Jason’s shop and see some of the beautiful glass:



Here something very special! Courtesy of the team from Verlocal & Jason’s students!!!

A recent glassblowing Class with Jason Stropko in – wide view!

We have been super happy to be working with Verlocal and offering Glassblowing Classes trough their website. Verlocal is kind of like an Airbnb but for experiences. So you can go to their site, check out what’s on offer in your city and book yourself an extraordinary afternoon! – At the moment it is only for major cities in America, but if it takes off then anywhere you live can take part!

Working with the video team the other day was excellent fun. We are super grateful that Verlocal decided to support our glassblowing classes and career in the Bay Area with such a huge gesture of appreciation. We couldn’t be happier!

Our experience with Verlocal has been very good. Transactions are transparent, with the site handling the money it gives reassurance to potential students / customers / clients and offers protections both ways. The Verlocal Team have been unfailingly supportive and really on the ball, always making sure that customers and we the hosts (we: Jason the glassmaker and instructor & Birgit being the invisible admin on Jason’s team, making a lot of this happen)  are always up to date and that nobody falls off the communication wagon.

Verlocal do take 15% of transactions which is a little bit of a chunk but we can honestly say are delighted to be on board. The site has brought us students that we otherwise might not have had. We have been very happy so far and look forward to continuing our work with Verlocal in the coming year.

We are now taking a little break from teaching classes in the Bay Area for the duration of the typical low season for crafts of all types January – April. So we will be back in time for everybody to wake from their winter slumber, offering even more classes than before!

We haven’t got a fixed date for our spring term start but keep connected, here on Jason’s blog as well as on Facebook!

You ask what will the glassmaker do in those winter months..?

Follow us and we will show and tell.. It will be good!


About Copyright

As sadly we are finding ourselves the center of attention with regards to a wrongful copyright claim we are adding these files here for easy reference for anybody who requires access to them. These allegations are tantamount to defamation.

Right now we are again preparing counter notice letters as the party levying the allegations has had our pomegranates removed from both of Jason’s online shops. This is hugely time consuming and a drain on our sales or to be direct; a drain on our economic survival. We are enduring significant hardship as a direct result of these wrongful actions taken against us. And are not enjoying this experience.

We have nothing to conceal and would like it to be known that the repeated allegations are harming us financially as well as in health due to financial hardships and resultant stress endured.

We simply would like to get on with our creative lives rather than waste days in formulating counter notice letters.

When you click on the link below you will find a recent copy of a DMCA counter notice letter that we had to write to defend among several other facts: the fact that nature is not copyrightable.

We will add another link to the latest allegation counter-notice as soon as we are finished writing it, which will be in the next couple of days.

<a title=”2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy” href=”https://jasonstropko.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/2015_jason_dmca-counter_claim_final-copy.pdf&#8221; target=”_blank”>2015_Jason_DMCA counter_claim_FINAL copy</a>

Dark rose pomegranate seeds

This batch of dark rose pomegranate seeds has a thick transparent layer of glass encasing the whitish seed. These as all of Jason’s seeds are modelled as close to natural as is possible within the confines of creating objects in glass within a certain time constraint. 

Jason Stropko is constantly fine tuning his interpretation of things he sees in nature, at times he developed techniques to represent the moss on age old tree bark, other times he turns his attention to the shell of roasting chestnuts as well as horse chestnuts, which were the beginning steps in his project of nuts and seeds.

A project stemming for Jason’s genuine love for nature and desire for living closer to it whenever possible; while int he meantime recreating aspects of nature in glass and sometimes in beautiful pen and ink or charcoal drawings, too..


dark rose pomegranate seeds, translucent, except for a light cream white core, just like inside natural pomegranate seeds. Or course you will rarely see them in this hue in nature but nothing is impossible.

There is a long road ahead, many seeds and nuts are as yet unexplored, while many tableware ideas are just waiting for the right opportunity and time to jump into existence.

Jason and Birgit are working as a team to bring to you as much variety in objects of desire made from glass as possible. Jason is working steadily to fill a whole fruit bowl with nuts and seeds and occasional stray fruit, sometimes these are hard to tell apart.

  • – – – – – –

Should there be any copyright questions then please consult this document, it will answer your concerns: our counter-notice to wrongful copyright allegation

{{We also learnt this today:”You should be aware that, under the DMCA, claimants who make misrepresentations concerning copyright infringement may be liable for damages incurred as a result of the removal or blocking of the wrongfully accused material, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.”}}


Objects of Desire

Ready for Santa or ready for storage? You decide..
These are now the final 2 weeks before Jason travels to Germany to visit the Christmas Markets!
These are now the final 2 weeks of the year in which you can take a glassblowing class with Jason or purchase a blown glass ornament or a set of 12,  whichever your tree and life and stockings to fill require. Acorns are ready to be displayed under your tree or on the table, chestnuts, pomegranate seeds and sunflower seeds, vessels with lid and without, exquisite work and daily tableware..
Write or call THIS week if you still need a handful of ornaments.
Many glass objects of desire will soon be packed up… but will they be delivered by Santa or carefully stored in storage?
medium shape acorn


long shape acorn